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I’m Mike Handa, a business coach for unstoppable entrepreneurs who are ready to hit that next level.

I Believe We’re All Capable Of Hitting The Next Level Of Growth

Transitions can be risky, but we mitigate that risk for you. Our program provides a safe, financially sustainable way to build your business, free from scams or misleading information. Our one-on-one program guarantees you a safe journey towards a sustainable and profitable coaching venture.

What sets us apart is our commitment to experience, authenticity, and honesty. We offer the most secure transition from employment to self-run coaching or consulting business.

Our unique focus is on sustainable financial success, helping you build a profitable venture that lasts. With our personalized support, you’ll have all the tools to succeed in your new coaching career.

I Used To Be Where You Are

Starting a coaching business is not just about applying a set of strategic principles or following a blueprint to success. It is a personal journey, marked by triumphs and setbacks, challenges and breakthroughs. At Mike Handa, we know this because we’ve been there, exactly where you are right now.

In our journey, we have had our fair share of sleepless nights, contemplating if our passion for coaching could ever translate into a sustainable and profitable venture. The struggle to maintain the delicate balance between our financial obligations and our ambitious dreams is a challenge we have faced head-on. It’s a common roadblock for many new coaches – one that we’ve successfully overcome and can help you navigate as well.

That’s why our program is not just about business strategy – it’s about understanding and empathizing with your journey, your struggles. We’re not just offering advice from an ivory tower; we’re sharing insights, strategies, and knowledge born from our own experiences. This intimate understanding of your path allows us to provide solutions that are both practical and personalized.



Did you know coaching has roots in sports and theatrical performances? Initially, it was all about teaching actors or athletes to improve their skills. Today, coaching has evolved to encompass personal development, business strategies, and much more!


Surprisingly, it often takes just about 21 days of consistent coaching to start seeing significant changes and improvements in a client. As a coach, you could be just three weeks away from transforming someone’s life!


According to a study, coaching was ranked as one of the least stressful professions. Imagine a career where you get to help others, work flexibly, and grow personally. Now that’s what we call a win-win-win situation!


While both are focused on helping individuals, there’s a fun distinction. Therapy usually deals with healing, while coaching is about achieving. As a coach, you’re like a personal cheerleader guiding your clients to their goals!

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