Hi There!

I’m Mike Handa, a business consultant for entrepreneurs who are ready to conscientiously build for success.

I Believe We’re All Capable Of Hitting The Next Level Of Growth

Transitions can be risky, but I mitigate that risk for you. My program provides a safe, financially sustainable way to build your business, free from scams or misleading information. My one-on-one program guarantees you a safe journey towards a sustainable and profitable business venture.

What sets me apart is my hand-on experience, authenticity, and honesty. I offer the most sincere advice and a secure transition from being a struggling business owner to having an established business that facilitates your freedom.

My focus is on your sustainable financial success, helping you build a profitable venture that lasts. With my personalized support, you’ll have all the tools to succeed on your entrepreneurial journey.

I Used To Be Where You Are

Starting a business is not just about applying a set of strategic principles or following a blueprint to success. It is a personal journey, marked by triumphs and setbacks, challenges and breakthroughs.
I know this because I’ve been there, exactly where you are right now.

On my journey, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights, contemplating if my ambitions could ever translate into a sustainable and profitable venture. The struggle to maintain the delicate balance between financial obligations and entrepreneurial dreams is a challenge I have faced head-on.
It’s a common roadblock for many new business owners – one that I’ve successfully overcome and can help you navigate as well.

That’s why my program is not just about business strategy – it’s about understanding and supporting you on your journey, to overcome your struggles. I’m not just offering advice from an ivory tower; I’m sharing my experience, insights, strategies, and knowledge born from my very own experiences of building 2 successful businesses that were acquired and helping hundreds of other business owners just like you.
This in-depth understanding of your path allows me to provide solutions that are both practical and personalized.

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